Thursday, March 15, 2012

She'll Be Right, Mate

I’m back, like I promised. I really didn’t expect to follow through with my promise, but surprisingly, I found some free time, and luckily, someone mentioned something about a blog, which made me remember my blog. So here we are. I said that I would tell you all about how I moved to Australia for six months, pretty much on a whim, so I guess I should do that.

It all started when a friend of mine mentioned that she had applied to study in France for a year. That sounded pretty interesting to me, so out of idle curiosity one night in March, I decided to look at what my school had in the way of transfer programs. As I was looking, I found one program that had an application deadline of that night, so after giving it about ten minutes of thought and research, I decided to apply, which was fun explaining to my family, let me tell you.  About a month later, after filling out more paperwork and sending specific universities some details through the program, I was told I was selected to study at Edith Cowan University in Perth, West Australia. That sounded just dandy to me, but I only had about a month and a half to convince a bank to give me money, sort out travel details, and all the other things that people have to do when they decide to up and move to another country. It was a stressful, tearful, eventful month and a half, but I finally accomplished all that I needed to and hopped on a plane full of screaming children on July 10th.

The first week was spent in Cairns, for an orientation week, with all the other kids from the U.S. that were part of this program. I got to do a lot of stereotypical things that people do when they go to Australia, and get it out of my system before I had to settle in at my dorm in Perth.
Here’s a photo montage of stuff I did:

I totally met a guy there too.

 He’s pretty swell. He’s coming to visit in 3 months, so I guess I better start preparing him for the gluttony and supercrime he’s likely to encounter in the US.
And that’s really all. I went to school, and hung out with my boyfriend, and just generally enjoyed the loveliness that is Australia.

Be back soon hopefully!

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